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Breezy Rodio (Fabrizio ‘Breezy’ Rodio) [Italy-USA]  
Sometimes The Blues Got Me (2018)(Delmark)
This is Fabrizo’s debut release for Delmark. The new album features eleven new songs and six inspired covers, which covers a whole range of styles. Billy Branch makes an appearance on one track.

Well worth checking out.

Giles Robson & Chris Corcoran [UK]
Rollercoaster (2018)

This is an instrumental homage to Little Walter. It features Giles on Harmonica, and Chris on guitar. The album is made up of eleven covers and one original.

Both players use Honeyboy Amps on the recording.

This release comes highly recommended. It’s only available as a download.

Collard Greens And Gravy - [Australia]
Luedella (2018)

The blues is alive and well down under. The album is made up of what appears to be covers. That said it is well done and is well worth checking out.

The album can be heard, and purchase here:

Kathy And The Kilowatts [USA]
Premonition Of Love (2018)

Another fine release from Kathy and the band. If you don’t have any of her recordings this is a great place to start.

The album can be heard from her website.

Lil' Red & The Rooster [USA+France]  
Soul Burnin' (2018)

These are a new name to me. This turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Lil' Red & The Rooster are Jennifer Milligan (Lil’ Red) and Pascal Fouquet (The Rooster).

Dave Specter makes appearances on three tracks.

J.J. Vicars [USA]  
Irreverent Dissident (2017)

Not a new release. Best described a mix of genres.

This and other release can be purchased from his website..

Peter V Blues Train
Running Out Of Time (2018)

This the third release from Peter Veteska (aka Peter V) and his band. Made up of seven originals and four covers.

More info about this and his other releases can be found on his website.

Marcia Ball (USA)
Shine Bright (2018) (Alligator Records)

Marcia’s back with another excellent trademark high energy release.

More info about the release can be found on her website.

The album can be heard here:

Peggie Perkins [USA]
Influences (2016/2018)

A new name to me. Turned to be a pleasant surprise. The release contains 14 classic covers that span Motown, Robert Johnson, Nina Simone, Bessie Smith to Fleetwood Mac.

The album can be heard and purchased here:

Previous releases can be purchased from her website.