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Sari Schorr (USA)
Live In Europe (2020)(Manhaton Records)

Heavy dose of Blues-Rock.

Recorded Live at Blues 'n' Jazz Rapperswil-Jona, CH, 14.June 2019, Elizabeth Hall, Hook, UK, 28.September 2019, Water Rats, London, UK, 4.November 2019 

You can watch video of two tracks here:
Ain't Got No Money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXWq-WLk2ag
I Just Want to Make Love to You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm9qUmxf-Yw

The Little Red Rooster Blues Band (USA)
Under The Cover (2020)(Self Released0

I have to say one of my favourite bands. This is the guys first CD of covers. All the previous recordings were made of original compositions.

Although this is a new release the tracks were actually recorded during the ‘Lock Up The Liquor’ sessions.

Anthony Geraci guests on piano. While Steve Guyger sings and play harmonica on ‘Young fashioned Ways’.

You can hear the track ‘Diggin' My Potatoes’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvBo6TdjVKY&feature=youtu.be

‘Go Buy It!’

Vintage Dixon (USA)
Alex Dixon Presents the Real McCoy feat. Lewis ‘Big Lew’ Powell (Dixon Landing Music)

A great album. Some great harmonica playing from Steve Bell and Sugar Blue.

You can hear the track The Real McCoy ‐ Alex Dixon's Vintage Dixon featuring Lewis "Big Lew" Powell here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrVpB_NrX2U

More info about this excellent release can be found on the website.

Matyas Pribojszki (Hungary)

A couple of excellent CD’s courtesy of Matt.

Jumping Matt & His Combo ‎– Dressed Up (2018)
Recorded in 2018, this release has a big band feel to it.

Here are a couple of videos from the release:
Can't Make You Stay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ypn5zPlZFdg
Full Time Baby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31L-1MHG2os
Grunting Pigs - Having A Party (2020)

This is the second release from the duo. Grunting Pigs are Mátyás Pribojszki: Harmonica And Vocal and Ferenc Szász: Guitar And Vocal. This release was recorded in 2018 & 2020.

Here’s the guys performing ‘Fat Mama Boogie’ off the CD live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx7-lJILKp0 

Here’s the duo in action at the Bluesharp Festival 2018: https://tinyurl.com/ycttdurk

Various Artists - Missy Sippy All Stars Vol. I (2020)
www.singmytitle.com  - www.missy-sippy.be

A brilliant release all the way from the Belgium delta.

Produced by Tiny Legs Tim
Recorded & Mixed on tape at The Yellow Tape (October 2019) in Ghent
1. Don't You Mind People Grinning In Your Face - (S. House)
Guitar & vocals: Simon Raman; Guitar: Matti De Rijcke; Harmonica: Matis Cooreman; Bass: Mattias Geernaert; Drums: Bernd Coene
2. Abigail Blue - (JD McPherson)
Guitar & vocals: Lajos Tauber; Piano: Tom Eylenbosch; Harmonica: Matis Cooreman; Double Bass: Karel Algoed; Drums: Frederik Van den Berghe
3. Ride Through The Rain - (O. Vander Bauwede)
Vocals & harmonica: Olivier Vander Bauwede; Guitar & backing vocals: Toon Vlerick; Double Bass: Karel Algoed; Drums: Frederik Van den Berghe
4. Something's Got A Hold On Me - (E. James, L. Kirkland & P. Woods)
Vocals: Naomi Sijmons; Backing Vocals: Mira De Schepper, Janne Blommaert, Fedia Holail Mohamed); Guitars: Toon Vlerick & Matt T Mahony; Bass: Mattias Geernaert; Drums: Bernd Coene
5. Have You Ever Had A Feeling - (T. Vlerick)
Guitar & Vocals: Toon Vlerick; Guitar: Tiny Legs Tim; Bass: Mattias Geernaert; Drums: Bernd Coene
6. Got To Quit - (V. Slegers)
Guitar & Vocals: Vincent Slegers; Harmonica: Olivier Vander Bauwede; Drums: Bernd Coene
7. I'd Rather Go Blind - (E. Jorden, B. Foster)
Vocals: Fedia Holail Mohamed; Backing Vocals: Janne Blommaert, Mira De Schepper, Naomi Sijmons; Guitars: Toon Vlerick & Matt T Hahony; Bass: Mattias Geernaert; Drums: Bernd Coene
8. Little Red Rooster - (W. Dixon)
Guitar & vocals: Matt T Mahony; Harmonica: Olivier Vander Bauwede; Bass: Mattias Geernaert; Drums: Bernd Coene
9. Lawdy Mama - (B. Moss)
Vocals & Harmonica: Matis Cooreman; Guitar: Kasper Van de Ponsele; Piano: Tom Eylenbosch; Double Bass: Karel Algoed; Drums: Frederik Van den Berghe
10. Cold Turkey - (T. De Graeve)
Vocals & guitar: Tiny Legs Tim; Guitar: Toon Vlerick; Harmonica: Olivier Vander Bauwede; Double Bass: Karel Algoed; Drums: Frederik Van den Berghe
11. Poor Boy - (traditional)
Guitar & vocals: Leander Vandereecken; Guitar: Lajos Tauber; Piano: Tom Eylenbosch; Harmonica: Matis Cooreman; Double Bass Karel Algoed; Drums: Frederik Van den Berghe
12. I shall Not Be Moved - (traditional)
Guitar & Vocals: Guy Verlinde; Harmonica: Olivier Vander Bauwede

Errol Linton (UK)
Live In London (Bra$$dog Records)

Some great harmonica playing. Currently a FREE download. It can be got at: https://www.brassdogrecords.com/live-in-london-a

While you’re there check out Errol’s other excellent releases.